Earn Money with Social Media

earn money with social media

Earn money with social media is very popular these days. This is the process of making an income through different activities and planning conducted on social media platforms. Social media not only a tool to connect with friends and sharing personal information but it is also a platform to earn. Social media is very profitable business if one known how to play it right and how to put in efforts. There are many platforms on social media that are highly paying like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, twitter etc.

earn money with social media

For example, if you have 5000 followers on Instagram then you will be able to get hundred thousand per year from Instagram, but more followers mean more income. You can also earn money from Facebook by including ads in your post and if your reel cross 1000 views in thirty days then Facebook pay you up to thirty-five thousand dollars. If you have thousand subscribers, then you can also get money with social media. Furthermore, you can earn money with social media through subscription links, brand promotion, online paid events and redirect traffic at your content.

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Steps taken to earn money with social media

Before earning money with social media, one should be aware of these basic points like

  •  Select a Niche
  • Choose the authentic social media platform.
  • Make High quality content.
  • Build your audience.
  • Make eye catching Profile.
  • Engage your audience.
  • Track your criteria.
  •  Network and Collaboration

Ways to earn money with social media:

Now we discuss how we can earn money with social media. There are various platforms on social media that pay the people in return of work. One can choose the following thing to earn money with social media.

  •  Influencer Marketing
  •  Online Courses
  • Facebook ads
  • Fashion Blog
  • Online courses
  • Ad Revenue

Influencer Marketing:

Influence marketing is the marketing planning that involve partnering with individual who have significant interaction and have many followers on social media platforms and other channels. The main purpose of influence marketing is to promote services, products and brands.

Earn money with social media

It is the easiest way to earn money with social media. Influencers have many followers on social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Twitter and more. They may be celebrities, industry leader or common people who have gained popularity from their content.

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Online Courses:

Online courses are a very common method to earn money from social media. Online courses related to some content created by creator as a series of videos to teach their viewers about specific topics or skills.

Earn money with social media

These videos are free for viewers and provide them the opportunity to learn new things at their homes. If any topic is lengthy then the creator make more than one video of this content to cover all aspect of this topic.

Ad Revenue:

Ad Revenue is the term used for getting paid to permit ads in your videos. When you watch a video on YouTube you may see an ad and this ad may be in start or at the end of the video and this is the ad revenue. The people who make these videos get money from the companies to run these ads in their videos.

earn money with social media

The ad format may be different i.e., it may be displaying video, skip able ad, non-skip able ad and overlay ads. To earn money with social media one should know the term and conditions of the social media and meet their requirements Then you will be able to earn money from ads revenue. Longer videos and the ads that contain high quality content have more potential.

YouTube Channel:

A YouTube channel is the space on YouTube where one can upload, share and organize videos. Now making a YouTube channel is very common because through these businesses, organizations, creators or even individuals can create their own content, connect with audience and make a community that circulate around their shared or uploaded content.

make money with social media

Building a successful YouTube channel and make money online with social media requires dedication, understanding your audience, consistency and posting informative material to the channel.

Fashion Blog:

Blog which covers specific items of clothing, accessories, beauty tips, trends in market, celebrity fashion and their choices and street fashion will be inserted in fashion blog. Fashion bloggers mainly focus on the topics that related to fashion, style and beauty. Fashion blog is the very popular way to earn money with social media. They create content that move around clothing, skincare, beauty, makeup, hairstyle and trend. For some people fashion blogging may evolve into a full-time job.

earn money with social media

Successful fashion bloggers team up with famous brands, join fashion events launch their brands and become a source of artistry for many people. Fashion bloggers post their blogs according to weather, culture and trend of the specified region. To become successful in fashion blogging passion, dedication and planning is required. To make a successful fashion blog requires time. So, the blogger should be persistent and patient to make success.

Facebook Ads:

Earning money with social media through Facebook ads is very common. In Facebook ads business or companies advertise or promote their services or products. These ads are highly related to the audience that is engaged on Facebook.

earn money with social media

These ads show in News feed, stories and on the right-hand column of Facebook on the desktop. There are different ads depending on the marketing goals and they include video ads, image ads, carousel ads, slideshow and many more.


Photographs are licensed photos, and they are used for different intend. By showing the skill of photography on social media one can earn money with social media. This is the library of photos and people buy and use it for different things. These pictures cover all types of photos like people, nature, food, travel, technology, media and more.

earn money with social media

The photographers take these photos and then made available them at different places like in database, libraries, business and organization to purchase and use them for their projects, marketing material and presentation etc.

In short, there are various methods from which one can earn money with social media.