Earn Money with Content Writing Path to Profitable Writing

how to earn money with content writing

Now a days the phrase ’earn money with content writing is very important’. Content writing is the process of writing and then sharing the written content for a variety of purposes such as for media, education and entertainment. It is also used for digital and print media. This is a process in which writer write about websites, social media, blog, ads, email marketing and many other purposes.

Earn Money with Content writing

Earn Money with Content Writing

The main goal of the content writing is to engage people and give them information, drive traffic to a targeted website and gain specific business goals. Content writer produce high quality, relevant, informative and valuable content that revolve around the targeted audience. Content writer work closely with their content planning, marketers and editors and make sure that their content meet with the marketing and branding goals of the website they are writing for.

Types of Content Writing:

Content writing may be of different types depending on purpose and audience. But most common type from which anyone can earn with content writing are:

  • Blog Content
  •  SEO Content
  • Food Content
  • Web Content
  • Travel Content
  • Academic Content
  •  Social Media Content
  • Email Marketing Content
  • Health and Fitness Content

Blog Content:

Blog content is the writing of that material shared on blog post. Articles, post and entries are included in blog post and they are written to update, engage, inform or educate the specific audience. The material that we see on blogs are called blog post. They are regularly updated by the blogger according to the topic of the blog. You can chose any topic an earn money with content writing.

earn money with content writing

There are many topics of blog like travelling food and education. They use photos, videos and other things to make their blog interesting. People connect to them by leaving a comment or by sharing their blog on the social media. People earn money with content writing through selling their blogs.

SEO Content:

This is the process of writing content with the aim of ranking the website on the first page of search engine like google. SEO content writing is simply the addition of keywords and key phrases in web document. The main purpose of SEO content writing is to improve the website ranking and driving traffic towards the website. SEO further have topics like

  •  On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO
  •  Technical SEO
  • Local SEO

Earn money with content witing

So, if someone choose the SEO topic for content writing he should have the complete knowledge and research about SEO and types of SEO then he can earn money with content writing.

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Food Content:

Earning money with content writing also covers the topic of content on food. One can have many topics to write content on food like restaurant food, home-made food, high energy food, fatty food, Dairy products and fast food etc.

earn money with content writing

Food content can be found in many forms and on different media and it include social media, websites, blogs, cookbooks, videos and many more. In food content you can give cooking tips and methods in which food you are expert. You can also food images after cooking to make your article more eye catching. So if you are a good chef then you can easily earn money with content writing.

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Travel Content:

Earning money with content writing through travelling content is very popular now a days. Travel content writing focuses on the content that is related to traveling, experience, tips and services. Writer publishes this content on different platforms like on websites, blogs, magazine, social media and many more. If you are begginer then you can work on it and earn money from content writing.

earn money with content writing

The main goal of travelling content is to provide reader entertainment with valuable information. Travel content writer provide detail about specific content related to travelling. They guide people about specific location and give detail about culture, history and accommodation.

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Academic Content:

Academic content writer, write about the content related to education. The main focus of content writing is on the structure, formality and provide educational information. There are various form on which a writer can write his article like essay, research paper and reports. Writer collect searches about educational topic from different sources.

earn money with content writing

Academic content should be clear like proper head, body and proper conclusion should be present in academic content writing and one should use the language in such a way that is easily readable for user. The main audience of academic writer are scholars, educators, students and researchers. So if you have an academic experience then try on it and earn money with content writing.

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Social Media Content:

Social media content writing is another way to earn money with content writing. Social media content is a type of any information, detail and news about something shared on social media. There may be many things in social media content like videos, links, stories, images and text.

earn money with content writing

Text posts are shared in the form of text messages. Photos, memes, graphics are highly popular on social media. They are used to convey message or tell a story visually to the audience. Videos are also shared on social media, and they may be short clip to longer clips. These may be tutorials, interviews, vlogs and more.

Email Marketing Content:

Email marketing refers to the content that is shared through email. Earn money with content writing is very common. They may include any campaign and engaged an audience to promote products, build relationships and to gain specific marketing goals. The subject line is the first thing that audience see so it should be eye catching and relevant to the email content.

earn money with content writing

The body of the email contain main content so it should be as simple as possible. In body text you can put any link, image, videos and merge it with various online platforms like YouTube, blog posts and stories on Facebook. So write today and earn money with content writing.

Health and Fitness Content:

It is also another source of earn money online. Health and fitness content is the visual, written or multimedia content that contain information, advice, tips and inspiration related to health, fitness, exercise and food. Earn money with content writing through health and fitness content proves very effective. The main purpose of creating and sharing this type of content is to educate, motivate and support people in gaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Earn money with content writing

Health and fitness content can be found in different forms such as books, blogs, videos and social media post. Content that offer balance diet, calculate calories, nutritional values and fitness attract the audience. Sharing the real life stories of people who achieved health and fitness may prove valuable. If you are a health professional then work on it and earn money with content writing.